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What Senior Living Is Really Like

Posted by Conor Denton on Nov 20, 2017 10:00:00 AM

As a person ages and everyday life becomes increasingly difficult, a lot of seniors start to consider whether to move into a senior living community. Sadly, there are a lot of misconceptions about what living in a senior community is like. This also includes comparisons to nursing homes and other retirement options.

 A group of senior residents in a circle all putting their hands in the middleNursing home care often is a bad reputation among senior citizens and their families. We often hear horror stories of abuse and neglect, but nursing homes are not the same as senior living communities. Let’s look at several of the differences and what you can expect from proper senior living.




One of the great things about senior living is the freedom they offer to residents. They know full well how feisty, independent, and alive senior citizens are. It’s quite difficult for them to give up the home they’ve lived in for many years, but they recognize age starts to make those same chores they used to do a bit more difficult.

But senior living care is not about taking options away from residents. There is a whole host of things that they still enjoy doing, and they can keep doing them as long as they’re able. At the same time, there’s no shame in recognizing that there are a few areas where seniors might need help.

Maybe it’s something simple, like a quick doctor’s appointment for a daily reminder to take medication. Whatever area in life you need help in, living care facility can help you manage your day to day life without infringing on your privacy and independence. This type of assisted living goes a long way to improve quality of life and keep seniors safe from harm.



Seniors living on their own often find themselves secluded. As we get older, the kids move out and start families of their own, not to mention the loss of friends, spouses, and other connections we’ve had for most of our lives. It’s an incredibly difficult part of the aging process, but there are ways to overcome the crushing feeling of loneliness that comes with the grief.

This is where senior living facilities thrive. Just about every senior community focuses on not just providing medical and physical help, but also providing entertainment, recreation, and fellowship. You aren’t the only one your age who will be living there. There may be hundreds of like-minded people for you to interact and have fun with.

Most facilities have field trips, outings, and free transportation to take you wherever you’d like to go. They have game nights, movie nights, and just about all other types of entertainment. This would all be more difficult to find and accomplish living on your own. Those are some of the many benefits you’ll find within a senior living community.


Better Response to Emergencies

When you’re a senior, even a single fall can be life-threatening. Bones are often more brittle, and other health issues happen more frequently as we age. This can make living on your own more difficult. This is especially true if you have a fall and are unable to move and get help. Living in a senior community fixes that potential issue.

You should also take into consideration the frequency at which you currently get to see your doctor. Long periods of time, even between months, can be detrimental to your health. Illnesses and other problems can creep up seemingly out of nowhere and rapidly deteriorate health. That’s why living in a community with around-the-clock care is crucial.


Next Steps

Yes, there are a lot of misconceptions about senior communities, but the reality is, they are fantastic places full of love, warmth, and understanding. They will take care of all your needs, and never infringe on your desire for privacy. In the end, senior communities exist to make your life much more comfortable and to take the worries and stresses off your shoulders.


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