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5 Signs of a Bad Senior Living Community

Posted by Sara Niemiec on Dec 19, 2017 10:00:00 AM

As people get older, the time comes when they cannot stand living on their own any longer. It’s hard for senior citizens to realize that they’re not young as they used to be. So, senior living communities are the best option for them to live in peace and receive exceptional care to ensure senior safety.

Not all centers offer the same kind of services and amenities. However, it’s very frustrating finding out that the care you expected for your loved one does not meet expectations. If you are wondering how you would know, here are 5 signs of a bad senior living community. If you take long to find out about this, the situation might worsen.

Getting older is not so easy for seniors. They might come to a point where living alone can get hazardous to their health. An elderly living community is where you expect your loved one to live in a place with people who help him live a healthy life. However, there are some centers which don’t live their expectations. The following are signs to detect such centers and avoid them.


Signs Of Detecting Bad Elderly Living Communities


Marked Physical Or Emotional Changes

A package of band-aids in a vintage box. Even seniors use band-aids from time to time.

Have a look at your dad. Is he less functional than usual? Have they ceased participating in community activities? Perhaps they are now withdrawn and not communicating. You should be concerned. If your loved one is being ignored and talked down to, they might become so agitated and very withdrawn. They might also become fearful, lose appetite and have spontaneous changes in mood.

Physical abuse and neglect is a significant concern. You can notice this when your loved one has ulcers and unexplained bruises. Furthermore, check if your loved one has skin tears in places not readily visible. These include hips, upper back, and thighs. Take time and observe how the staff goes about their work. Appear unexpectedly and at varying times.


Unanswered And Deflected Questions

When you ask staff questions regarding bruises on your loved one seen above, how do they respond? Do they regularly have no answers to give you a sensible explanation? Perhaps they are hesitant to discuss the care of your loved one. It means something is just not right.

The staff should have ready answers to questions regarding your loved one’s loss of weight. If they give you blank stares and inadequate responses, you should get worried. A tremendous elderly care center should be willing to offer solutions to any concern you raise. Jatin Dave from Bingham and Women’s Hospital’s Center for Older Adult Health believes a great elderly care center should have the desire to help residents.


Frantic, Inadequate And High Staff Turnover

Is the staff always busy and chaotic on your visits? Though sometimes it’s unavoidable for the center to have a thin-stretched team, they have to be working as a team. Perhaps they just happen to have a bad attitude? Do you ever notice them mix with the residents? Do you see a significant change in attitude due to shift changes?

Evaluate the leadership as well. Have you ever met the director? Perhaps even the residents might not know him. Centers with a strong management team which gets involved in daily activities usually have excellent care.

Do you meet new staff every time you visit? There’s a high chance that no member of staff knows your loved one. This is because there’s no consistent staff-resident interaction to promote high-quality elderly care. High staff turnover is reason enough to look for another elderly care center.


Your Loved One Being Choosy With Members Of Staff

Does your loved one have specific members of staff they like more? Know that there’s something wrong. According to expert, your dad does not have to feel distressed and uneasy around any member of staff. This is true even when your loved one has a problem with their cognitive ability. Take up the matter seriously and report to the leadership at the center.

Perhaps the other members of staff who are not likable to your loved one mistreat or neglect him. Sometimes, you can notice this without your loved one saying anything. When that nurse comes nearby, does your loved one seem happy? Is he fearful or anxious? Perhaps he just begins to feel uncomfortable.


Incessant Phone Ringing And Unanswered Calls

Poor customer service is a sign of a lousy service. You should be worried if the nursing staff has no time to pick up the phone.

How long does your loved one have to wait on pushing the emergency call button? Take time to confirm this yourself. Push the light and see how long the staff takes to respond. Is the delay happening at specific periods during the day? Is it during a change in shift or meal time?

Take your complaints to the top leadership and see how they respond. Your loved one doesn’t have to endure going to the toilet on their own just because there was no staff to help. This is wrong. You pay top dollar to have your loved one receive the best care. The best option is to find a better elderly care.


Next Steps

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