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5 Life Lessons That Can Only Be Learned With Age

Posted by Sara Niemiec on Jan 2, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Many of us look forward to becoming grownups. On maturing, you never realize how little you know. You just love being grown up and behaving maturely. Truth is you have to admit that growing up is not a piece of cake. It comes with some harsh realities.

Here at Landmark Senior Living, we’ve put down some 5 life lessons that can only be learned with age. These are extremely important since they have come from years of experience. Take a look.


Growing Up Comes With Its Negatives

When you were younger, doing things only for grownups seemed so much fun than the stuff you were doing at that particular moment. Older people slept when they wanted. They also ate whatever they wished plus buying things of their choice. If you could only relate how you longed for those moments.

Life seemed harsh since you had a bet time which was earlier than that of older folks. You had to force yourself to eat all the food. This was gross since it wasn’t candy. Worst of all, you could only buy what you could afford from allowances. The allowances were usually coins not those awesome plastic cards older guys used.

Now you are older, but you wish you could be young again. Time to join one of our independent living communities! In that life, everything was simple. The thing is, when you were five, the most significant problem was the skinned knee of the McDonald’s you couldn’t eat. You remember all those late nights spent with exhaustive homework. Remember the junk food which made you fat. How can you forget the little plastic card which mom and dad could use to pay for shopping?


You Still Have To Deal With People You Can’t Stand

When you were still young, you had to be kind to the kids your parent’s friends brought over. You had to share your toys, visit the theme park or go to the movies with them. Growing up doesn’t change much. It requires having to deal with some kids you don’t get along with in school and work on a project together.

As an adult, you have to smile at rude people at your workplace, at your spouse’s boss plus having their family over for dinner. This is the “adult” way of dealing with people. It’s the best way to make the world go round.

The positive side of being an adult is giving you an opportunity to spend free time the way you like. There’s always that annoying coworker who is out to make you lose cool. You have to learn how to handle him.


There Are Various Problems To Go Through

Everyone faces challenges which you have to be prepared for. When you come face to face with any problem, don’t think your world has come to a fiery end. Problems are there to make you stronger but only if you let them. Always be prepared to deal with challenges to become a stronger person.

How many times have you dealt with heartbreak? Perhaps it’s a credit card company you say yes to. All these challenges are to make you stronger. Problems can be professional, personal, physical or mental. All these are there to teach you how strong you can be.


Stop Caring About What Other People Think

How many decades have you made so far? Perhaps seven or eight, these are too long to long to mind what others are going to think of your actions. Even when you have not yet made those decades, it’s not early to begin thinking of ending the vice. There’s no reason to get approval from others in all your decisions.

As a senior, you should carry a certain peace only found in the freedom from worrying about other people’s perceptions. You stand to benefit a lot if you put that in mind. Do you remember the last time you spent time pondering whether to put on your bright new shirt? The truth is that you don’t have to worry about what your friends are going to think. Always do what makes you happy.


Making Time For Important Situations

A senior man holding a pocket watch making sure he has the time for the things he loves in life

Sometimes you get too busy, and you become perplexed on what to handle first, right? Think about this. You have an assignment to work on, beloved to spend quality time with, some errands to run plus of course watching a movie. Life is continuously throwing jabs at you. This might quickly get you off balance when you don’t prioritize your time.


Next Steps

Seniors go through various stages in life. The best way is to make the regular and incessant disturbances of the world fade into the background. You have to replace this with the soothing sounds of things which do matter. 

That’s the climax of reaching the peak of life, with time for family, plus enjoying the natural beauty of the world plus taking up some refreshing activities. You will enjoy what life offers without waiting until you clock more decades. By 2035, one in every five individuals will be above 65 years. This means the global landscape of growing older is changing. People are living longer than before, so you have to change your mindset about aging.

Multiple generations of people above 50 years have discovered better ways to thrive in their old age. This is through opportunities like the zeal to begin learning new things again. It might merely mean embracing the highly digital world. Places like senior living communities can help seniors learn new tasks, thrive in their age, and have a good time. 


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