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Healthy Aging In 2018

Posted by Conor Denton on Mar 15, 2018 10:00:00 AM

How is it that some older adults manage to make aging seem so smooth and effortless? We see them putting their grown children to shame on hiking trails and appear a decade younger than their actual age. What’s their secret? They do things that everyone should be doing, regardless of how old you are! Read about healthy aging in 2018 to learn what you can do to ease into late life with energy and purpose.


Healthy Aging In 2018


Group of seniors laughing after exercising. 1. Nourish your friendships and make new ones. In What is Healthy Aging, you can read about the tremendous value of friendships for older adults. Just like everything in life, you have to nourish something to make it grow. People are no different, and for friendships to cultivate beauty and richness in our lives, we have to tend to them regularly, or they will waste away.

 Now is the time to catch up with your long-time friends, neighbors and community acquaintances. While it’s easier to say “I’ll do it tomorrow,” you probably won’t. The connections you make today can bring you support and meaningful friendships tomorrow.

 Get out there and start connecting to some senior living communities

 2. Eliminate excess “mind-clutter.” You’ve heard it a thousand times, “Don’t sweat the small stuff!” Let go of all the worries that are out of your control, and focus on the things that you can change. Set realistic goals for making small, but impactful goals that enrich your life and relationships.

 Don’t berate yourself. When you find yourself engaging in negative thoughts, acknowledge them and then let them go. Even if it feels phony, talk to yourself with positive and uplifting words. With practice, you may also begin to feel more balanced and happy as a result.

 3. Get Outdoors. Put on some sunscreen and get outside! Sunlight triggers the release of specific chemicals in your brain from specifically serotonin. Serotonin is associated with boosting mood and helping you feel focused, calm, and happy. Without enough sunlight, your serotonin levels can dip low. Low levels of serotonin can cause depression, insomnia, and irritability.

 4. Take Naps. Naps can restore alertness, enhance productivity and reduce mistakes and accidents. A study at NASA on sleepy military pilots and astronauts found that a 40-minute nap improved performance by 34% and alertness 100%. Additionally, Napping has psychological benefits. A nap can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Think about the restorative power of sleep. We all feel better after getting sufficient rest to recharge. Make napping a regular part of your daily routine.

 5. Be adventurous. New cultures, environments, and experiences challenge the brain to work in different ways. According to the Brain Health Centre, travel promotes both brain health and resilience. For most of us, it’s not old age that scares us; it's unable to function in the same capacity as we did when we were younger. Losing our independence and vitality is a frightening thought, but we can age gracefully when we maintain an adventurous spirit and seek out new activities that take us out of our comfort zone.


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