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Health Benefits of Peaches

Posted by Conor Denton on Oct 1, 2018 11:00:00 AM

As you age your diet can become one of the most difficult things to regulate on a daily basis. From eating three square meals a day to getting proper nutritional value in those meals, there are many things to monitor as you eat. Therefore, finding out what foods for seniors offer the most positive benefits is essential. Among the leaders are peaches, which offer an abundance of health benefits for seniors. Without further ado, let’s dive into why peaches are a fantastic food to incorporate into your daily diet.


Skin Health

One of the more prominent benefits of peaches is that they promote excellent skin health if eaten consistently enough. Peaches, as with many fruits, are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, all of which promote positive skin health. More specifically, peaches contain a plethora of vitamin C, which have been known to produce large amounts of collagen. Of course as you age so does your skin, so whatever additional skin rejuvenation you can receive is only positive!




As previously discussed, peaches contain large amounts of vitamin C, which alongside zinc form a dynamic duo supporting eye health. Additionally, other antioxidants within peaches help prevent damage to the retina caused by an increased amount of exposure to light. Seniors are at a heightened risk of developing macular degeneration regardless, so consuming foods that are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants are a fantastic way to support your vision.



Lessen Anxiety

Peaches are known to contain natural sedatives that help consumers relax whether intentional or unintentional. This can be especially helpful for those who suffer from anxiety, if they are looking for natural, holistic ways to relax their mind and body. Also, peaches can help insomniacs, as eating a peach before bed can help you fall asleep faster. On top of all of this, peaches are a comforting food that’s a healthier alternative to ice cream and other sweets. Everyone knows that most comfort foods aren’t healthy and are simply easily available during a time of stress. Don’t fall into this excuse. Instead, munch down on a delicious peach!



Muscle Health

Peaches contain rich amounts of potassium, which in turn benefit both muscle growth and longevity. Potassium can also be commonly found in bananas, a fellow fruit used in muscle cramp prevention among other things. Peaches contain roughly twice the amount of potassium that a single banana carries however, so it may be more effective to consume the former if you suffer from muscle discomfort.




Peaches are very fibrous, promoting positive digestive health in the process. Correspondingly, a smoother digestive system makes regulating your weight all the more easier. On top of helping the digestive tract, fiber is also known to decrease cholesterol, only adding more health benefits to the fruit itself. If you find yourself lacking in fiber, a big juicy peach may be just what the doctor ordered!

Fresh peaches-Peaches are a wonderful health food as they offer many health benefits.

Bone/Teeth Structure

While we all know by now that peaches are rich in vitamin C, many of you may not realize that they contain vitamin K as well. Of course, vitamin K is an essential component in sustaining bone and teeth structure. As you age your bones and teeth can become eroded if the proper care is not taken. Thus, adding a dose of vitamin K to your everyday diet via peaches is a great way to prevent these issues from arising in your golden years.



Prevents Illness

Many of the positive health benefits found in peaches originate from phytochemicals. Phenols, the most notable of the bunch have been known to reduce the chances of contracting life-threatening diseases. Now I’m not saying that peaches are a be-all end-all cure to disease, as they most assuredly are not, however studies have shown that peaches contain chemicals that assist in building immunity to illnesses.



Helps Prevent Diabetes

Peaches have been known to help lower glucose levels. Correspondingly, the fruit gives a unique opportunity to enjoy something sweet and tart without having to worry about sugar intake. As it was previously stated, fiber plays a huge role in all of this activity. In addition to monitoring glucose levels, the fibrous fruit can both increase insulin levels as well as decrease the amount of lipids in your body. This is essential information to those who already have diabetes of any sorts, as it shows that peaches can still be beneficial.



Healthier Snacking Alternative

As it was lightly touched on earlier, peaches are an amazing snacking alternative, especially for those who are older and must watch their diet with more precision. There aren’t many healthy food items that taste adequate, so take advantage of peaches! It takes little to no effort to change something so minor in your diet, and the residual effects of such a change can be overwhelmingly positive. For those who haven’t tried a peach give it a chance, you may take a keen interest in the fruit as well.


In conclusion, peaches offer the average person the opportunity to improve their daily diet. The multitude of vitamins, antioxidants, and other chemical compounds within peaches offer up an abundance of health benefits. From increased immunity to certain illnesses to better eyesight, there’s a wide range of things peaches can help you with. So next time you eyeball that pint of ice cream or chocolate chip cookie resist, and take a juicy bite out of a peach instead. Remember, peaches aren’t a wonder fruit on their own so other dietary standards still apply. Having said that, there is so much more that peaches have to offer than any rudimentary snack. Don’t take my word on it though. Go and try out peaches for yourself! For more senior tips and advice regarding seniors, visit Landmark Senior Living to learn more.



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