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Activities for Connecting Grandparents and Grandchildren

Posted by Rachel Vandel on Aug 8, 2018 11:00:00 AM

The relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren is incredible, offering the opportunity to learn and grow from one another as they each have unique experiences in very different generations. It has been determined that the active presence of grandparents in their grandchildren's lives contributes to both individual’s overall sense of identity and well-being, by providing a powerful sense of connection to the younger generation. There have also been studies conducted that have found children who spend more time with their grandparents are likely to have more favorable opinions of the elderly than children who do not have a strong relationship with their grandparents. These involved children are less likely to have “ageist” views and stereotypes against their elders. Remaining involved in your seniors life is incredibly beneficial! While age is a definite factor that plays a role in the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren, you may be wondering what kind of activities you can do together that you will both enjoy. Well, wonder no longer, as we have compiled a list of enjoyable activities that will be a blast for you and your grandchildren while strengthening your relationship.


Teach your grand-kids a hobby of yours

The ability to learn from one another is one of the most significant aspects of the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren! Is there a hobby you are passionate about, perhaps fishing, knitting, playing golf, or playing cards? What’s better than sharing this interest with your grandchildren, giving them a new skill and creating the potential for them to develop a fascination in this hobby as well? If they end up enjoying it, then you have a new friend to share your hobby with, and plenty of get together's to plan for the future!


Attend a sports game

A 49ers football game-Sports are one of the many ways grandparents ca

Do you or your grand-kids have a local sports team they love to follow? Perhaps you have a mutual love for the same team, as we all know the sports teams families support tend to go back multiple generations. The great thing about professional sports teams is that between baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and more there are games available all year round. Sports games are a fantastic way to spend time with your grandchildren, giving you both an exciting event to look forward to that doesn't happen in everyday life. While tickets to professional sports games can get expensive, there are many ways to find cheaper tickets, such as going to a game on a weeknight.


Go out to eat

Going out for a meal at a restaurant with your grand-kids is the perfect way to bond, offering plenty of opportunity for conversation while still getting out of the house. When selecting the restaurant, your grandchildren are given a chance to share possibly new, fun places they have been that you may not have heard of. Everyone loves dining out, relieving the hassle of having to cook and clean while indulging in a delicious meal!


Do a craft together

Children of all ages find joy in the ability to express themselves while creating something new and fun for them to enjoy time and time again. An exciting way to strengthen the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren would be by building a family tree together. Creating a family tree gives the grandparents the opportunity to share family history, funny stories, and answer any questions the grandchildren may have about how their family came to be. Regardless of the craft you decide on, your grandchildren are sure to enjoy this time spent together.


Let your grand-kids teach you something

A fantastic way to get your grandchildren talking and excited is to ask them what they enjoy doing or are passionate about. You can ask them about their favorite bands, TV shows, subject in school, sports, games, or any other type of hobby they may have. Kids love sharing the new knowledge they have discovered and will be eager to tell you all about it. This also gives grandparents the opportunity to learn from their grand-kids and brings the kids joy knowing their grandparents have interest in whatever they are up to.


Spend time outdoors

A grandparent spending time with his granddaughter outside.

There are endless ways to spend time with your grandchildren while staying active and getting out of the house. Going swimming, going on a hike, or playing catch are just a few of these options that you both will enjoy. Something as simple as taking a walk around your neighborhood is a great way to spend time together, pointing out discoveries and having all the time in the world to talk and share stories.


Video chat

If you don't live in the same area as your grand-kids, but still are looking for ways to stay connected and involved in their lives, technology has you covered! There are applications on smartphones and computers such as Face-time that will allow you to see each other's faces, baseball games, or graduation from miles away! There are many apps that are fun and easy to use for seniors, such as Words with Friends, that will allow you to play virtual games with your grandchildren no matter the distance. If your grandchildren are too young or unable to access technology, try writing handwritten letters and mailing them to one another. Kids love receiving mail and having a project to work on for their grandparents.



Next Steps

Are you looking to relocate, perhaps in a location closer to your grandchildren, so you have the ability to do all these enjoyable activities together? Senior living communities are the perfect place for this next chapter in your life. Living alone at home as a senior can attribute to social isolation, depression, anxiety, and the risk of a health issue occurring with no one to turn to. Alleviate these fears today, by checking out one of our numerous Landmark Senior Living Communities. At Landmark Senior Living we are committed to delivering the highest quality of care to our residents. Our mission of providing the most premium care is based upon personalized services, fostering individuality, enabling freedom of choice, protecting privacy, preserving dignity, and nurturing one another's spirit. If you or someone you know is interested, call us today!


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