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Best Apps for Seniors

Posted by Rachel Vandel on Jul 20, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Seniors are quickly catching up to younger generations with accepting and embracing all the recently developed technologies designed to make our lives more comfortable and more fun! Smartphones and tablets are the hubs of this growth, with 46% of seniors in 2018 owning a smartphone. The greatest perk of owning a smartphone or tablet is the ability to download endless apps ranging across all interests! With the millions of apps available to download seniors may be wondering which are the most ideal, offering the most benefits for their lifestyle. There are apps designed to sharpen your memory, remind you to take your medication, keep you up to date on your family, the world around you, and much more. Whatever need you could think of, there’s probably an app for it! Here we have developed a list of the best apps for seniors to have on their smartphone or tablet, helping to utilize all the benefits of these exciting new technologies!


Best Applications For Seniors


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Health Apps

There are a variety of useful health apps created to monitor and promote healthy aging, here are some of our favorites:

  • Medisafe Pill & Med Reminder

Medisafe is a free app available for both apple and android users that will manage your medications and guarantee that you never forget to take them again! After programming in your specific prescriptions and the frequency you take them, the app will send a notification with a sound to your phone or tablet. After taking your meds you will mark the medication as taken on the app, and if you forget another reminder will be sent to ensure the proper dosage is taken. The app also offers features that can monitor your blood pressure and weight and even remind you when your prescription needs to be refilled!


  • WebMD

WebMD is a top-rated website offering information on all things health, symptoms, and diagnoses. They also have a free app, putting all this desired information at your fingertips! If you are showing unusual signs and want to figure out what could be the cause, the app offers a feature for you to enter these symptoms and gives you a possible diagnosis. Before seeking help from a doctor, WebMD is a great way to get an understanding of what you might be dealing with.


  • Red Panic Button

In case of emergency, the Red Panic Button is a life-saving app that will bring comfort to seniors, caregivers, and those living alone. The Red Panic Button is an emergency alert system that after being pressed will send a message out to your hand-selected list of people notifying them of your need for assistance, and supplying them with the address to your current location. The Red Panic Button is a simple, easy to use app that will keep you safe and reassured throughout your senior years.


Other significant health apps to have downloaded on your device are your local pharmacy app, and the app GoodRX, which will help you find the most affordable prescriptions.


Social Apps

With growing older often comes feelings of isolation or distance from the lives of your loved ones. For seniors, socialization is incredibly important, and these apps will keep you in touch without having to leave your home!


  • Skype

Skype is a wonderful app to keep relationships close no matter the distance between! Skype is free to download and allows you to make phone calls, video chat, and message with your friends and family all over the world. You can also add multiple people to these calls, connecting with everyone you need at once. If you and your loved one both have iPhones or iPads, there is the pre-downloaded service Facetime available for video-chatting purposes.


  • Facebook

The extremely popular social media site Facebook is a must-have app that promotes socialization for seniors. It’s never been easier to keep in touch with friends, family, and people you haven’t seen in years! The Facebook app is straightforward to use, entertaining and supplies you with a simple way to show off pictures of your grand-kids. Facebook also has a messaging app, Facebook Messenger which offers chatting, calling, and video chat features to stay in touch with these friends.


  • OurTime

You may have heard of the popular dating apps Tinder and Bumble, but did you know there’s an app created for strictly seniors to connect? The app OurTime is dedicated to bringing people ages 50 and up together, finding other singles in your area to meet up with! OurTime is a great app to download if you are seeking friendships or a partner to spend your retirement years with.


Helpful Apps

Apps that will make your life easier, saving time and enhancing day to day activities.


  • Park And Forget

Having to remember where you parked your car adds an additional load to running errands and forgetting where you parked results in stress and wasted time. Senior drivers will never forget where they parked again with the app Park And Forget. After parking your car open the app and press a button to save the location of your parked vehicle. Never waste another minute looking for your car in those big lots!


  • Magnifying Glass with Light

Ever forgotten your reading glasses at home and been out to eat in a restaurant, or even worse a poorly light restaurant, and struggled to read the menu? Say goodbye to these types of situations with the app Magnifying Glass with Light! This free, easy to use app will magnify and illuminate whatever it is you are reading or looking at. As we get older, our eyesight is one of the first things that begin to deteriorate, but these frustrating situations can be relieved through this app.


  • Lumosity

If you're looking for something to keep you sharp, Lumosity is a free brain-training app that is both beneficial and entertaining for seniors! It’s been proven that seniors who challenge their minds and keep their brain active reduce the possibility of developing alzheimer’s or dementia. Lumosity will supply you with endless puzzle and trivia games to continue developing your critical thinking skills.


Other great apps to have accessible on your smart device are Uber or Lyft, car services that can pick you up and drop you off wherever you please for a reasonable price, and Find My iPhone, which will help you locate your misplaced device. If you’re looking for more ways to stay entertained download Spotify, for free music streaming, the Kindle app for reading, or Flipboard to stay updated on the news around the world.


Next Steps

All of these apps are easy to access and use, making growing older fun and accommodating. If you're looking to enhance your senior years in another way, or even view some senior advice, Landmark Senior Living facilities offer the highest quality of care for our residents. Making the transition into our senior apartments has never been easier and more accommodating than at Landmark Senior Living.


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