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The Benefits of Moving to an Assisted Living Facility

Posted by Neil Appleby on Sep 18, 2019 8:00:00 AM


If you’re wondering whether it might be time to consider moving into an assisted living facility, what can you expect to find?


Well, once you’re done decluttering your home and you’re ready to make a move, you can expect help when you need it and independence the rest of the time.


Around The Clock Care

A green clock. At assisted living facilities, there is around the clock care when it is needed

The key selling benefit of assisted living is undoubtedly the 24/7 care, both professional and compassionate.

One of the leading reasons for anyone considering an assisted living facility is the help available with a range of daily living tasks. If you need help with dressing, bathing, general hygiene and assistance with medication, you’ll have all that on hand when you need it.

There will also always be someone ready to help if you take a tumble or suffer from any other kind of mishap.

You might very well still be fairly independent and able to go out on a regular basis but struggle to cook for yourself and eat well. That’s all taken care of in a residential facility so you can stay strong and healthy.

What else stands out about this type of living arrangement for seniors, then?


Transportation on Tap

Maybe you’ve already decided it’s time to quit driving. While that might solve some problems, it creates others, specifically a loss of independence.

With an assisted living facility, you’ll have access to safe and dependable transportation for all your daily needs. Whether you want to go shopping, collect some medication, go to the doctor or even dinner, transportation will be provided.

Even if you are still able to drive, the costs of running a car you use can make it less than viable. Take advantage of the community transport instead and make a more social occasion of your outing while also spending less.


Eliminate Social Isolation

Three older friends walking around outside of their assisted living facility

Seniors living alone can frequently experience numbing isolation. It can seem like everyone is too busy to visit or help them.

A serious benefit of assisted living facilities is the way you’ve got a community ready-made. With an infrastructure already in place, you’ll be spoiled for choice with activities and outings. You’ll have extensive opportunities to meet a range of new people. Make sure to take the time to find those with similar interests.

Staying mentally active and socializing can also help to keep Alzheimer’s and other cognitive diseases at bay.


Benefit from More Free Time in an Assisted Living Facility

As you advance in years, you can be left questioning why you have so little spare time now that you’re retired.

With assisted living, you’ll soon notice a whole lot more time on your hands, but why is that?

Well, you won’t need to concern yourself with regular cleaning, yard work, or maintenance. All day-to-day tasks will be taken care of leaving you to do more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

Depending on what facility you choose, you might be able to enjoy a suite of housekeeping services, too.


Get The Help You Need Without Losing Privacy

A caregiver with a resident at an assisted living facility watching the sunset outside

If you thought you’d need to sacrifice your privacy to achieve some of the benefits we’ve been talking about here, you’re wrong.

You’ll enjoy independence when you need it. An example of this is an I’m Okay program. Aside from three daily safety checks, you’ll be left to your own devices but completely safeguarded.

With private personal services and a private room, you’ll feel like you’re at home rather than in a care facility. Despite this, all the help you need is right there whenever you need it for the double-win.


Streamline Expenses with a Single Monthly Fee

Now, we won’t attempt to suggest assisted living is cheap. It isn’t. When you consider the amount of professional and emotional support you’ll be getting around the clock, you wouldn’t expect it to be cheap.

The thing is, living isn’t cheap, period. When you aggregate all the expenses involved in running a house, the bottom line is eye-watering.

So, with assisted living, you can benefit from a simple and single monthly payment. This alone frees up a great deal of time and saves you the stress of paying bills. And, when you take into account elements like not needing to run a car either, you might find assisted living is more affordable than you’d first imagined.


Gain From Moving Preemptively When You’re Still Healthy

A moving van. Moving to an assisted living facility is important when you are in good health.

If you put off making a move into residential care of some kind until you’re feeling unwell physically or mentally, you’re likely to run into problems. Making decisions about this kind of thing when you’re ill is inadvisable. This becomes compounded if you have a house sale to consider, so what should you do?

One option is to consider making a move into an assisted living facility before you actually need to. Once it gets to the stage where you need help with daily activities but you’re still mobile and you’re semi independent, this is a good time to start aggressively exploring your options.

We’re not talking about making a move before it’s necessary but instead, preparing yourself so you’re ready to shift when that time comes.


Experience Regularly Scheduled Activities

Having a broad selection of activities at your disposal will keep you entertained while also giving you a chance for some company and exercise.

When you’re looking at various assisted living facilities, you should focus on what amenities they offer within the facility and what outside activities are catered for.

From regular shopping trips, outings to sports games, or even walks outside, you’ll find yourself bombarded with plenty to do.


Final Word

If you feel it might be time to investigate an assisted living facility, Landmark Senior Living has a wide range of services well worth exploring so contact us for more information any time.


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