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What Makes a Good Assisted Living Facility?

Posted by Conor Denton on Feb 27, 2018 10:00:00 AM

In 7 Signs Of a Great Senior Living Community, you learned the characteristics that set apart mediocre retirement communities from exceptional ones. If you haven’t read it, click here. By knowing what to look for, you are equipped to quickly weed out centers that are lacking in quality care services. This article is a continuation of 7 Signs of a Great Senior Living Community, and it will broaden your insight into how to choose a setting that feels the most like home while also providing compassionate care when needed.


Signs Of a Great Assisted Living Facility


Excellent Behavioral Care

The primary reason to take your loved one to a community for seniors is that they have weak mental clarity. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s affect one’s ability to focus on their immediate needs. So, people with such a condition require very gentle and precise care. It requires you to find a senior living community with trained staff to handle people with such a situation.

A high center should have a physician on call around the clock. They also regulate the administration of medication. You will notice an excellent service through the care they give your loved one and helping him live a fulfilled life.

When touring assisted living centers, scan the environment around you to ask yourself: “Does this feel warm and supportive?” There should be employees available to answer your questions, and if staff seem too busy to talk with you, disengaged, or can’t be spotted, then it’s time to mark that set off your list and move on to the next one.

Professional and caring staff should be doing thorough evaluations before admission takes place to determine any underlying behavioral diagnosis. Why is this important? Assisted living centers have levels of care according to physical, emotional and cognitive impairments, needs, and preferences.

The employees at an assisted living center must have an understanding of your unique physical and behavioral requirements so that you’re provided an ideal setting which accommodates your needs and preferences.


Certification From The State

Does the community have a state license? Credited communities have state certification. They also provide records of their most recent inspection results. Senior living communities take pride in their credentials and are excited to show off their necessary qualifications. Don’t hesitate to move away from any community which does not have state certification.

To help you make a fully informed decision, you need to ask questions that will give you insight into how well the assisted living center you’re considering stacks up to other communities. Ask the following questions during your tour:

  • How much training is required for staff?
  • How often are communities inspected, and what do the inspectors look for?
  • Is there a minimum staffing ratio?
  • What are my rights as a resident?
  • Can my parent be evicted?


Variety Of Scheduled Activities And Functions

An older individual being helped during a hike.

Just because your loved one is going to have someone to help with their daily needs is no reason to believe he is to watch TV all day. A great senior living community should have days where residents live healthy and productive lives. On these days, your loved one can engage in activities which make him occupied for a few hours. It makes their stay more fulfilling.

A great senior living community goes beyond offering basic living layouts and healthcare resources. Search for a community which embraces and encourage fun activities and events. A reputable center offers a wide range of activities on the premises to suit the hobbies, fitness requirements and preferences of residents. They might also offer some off-site excursions like shopping, movies, live theater to make the life of residents fun and engaging.

Senior living communities are moving away from the recreational standard that typically includes Bingo, cards, and birthday celebrations. Modern senior care is moving at times. In this era, it’s all about technology, and the best retirement centers are beginning to integrate computer generated games and activities into daily programming.


Great Comfort And Care

Make an evaluation of the experience your loved one has every day. How regular is their living space cleaned? What is the quality of the food they get at every meal? Are they allowed to have some of their favorite foods? Have a look at the premises to get a mental picture of how your loved one spends their time. Reputable centers always have residents enjoying a comfortable stay.

A great community makes all residents feel at home. This is provided through decor, staff, and locations to make you're loved to enjoy a place away from home. It doesn’t mean the community is exactly like your home. The resemblance usually comes from the love and care of the people in the new community including staff and fellow residents. Great communities go a long way to add personalized options or let residents customize their new home the best way they like it.

Although assisted living communities don’t provide extensive medical care, they do offer daily living care for bathing, toileting, grooming, eating, and housekeeping. During your inquiry, make sure to ask the center how often employees perform daily care services. Is it twice a week or once a day? The answer may serve to sway your decision in favor of the community that is the most responsive, available, and attentive to your care needs.


Wonderful Senior Community Friends

The best feature about senior living is the wonderful senior friends your loved one will make. Great communities have engaged groups of residents. These might be going to events or perhaps only connecting at meal time. With a schedule for attending events or hobbies like card games, woodworking, and glass working, it’s a great way to make amazing friends.

Reputable communities might also have physical activities such as yoga, singing groups, and art classes. A great senior living community will have something to match anyone’s preferences. It’s an excellent opportunity for your loved one to avoid spending a lot of time in their room. Relaxing in the common room is another way to make friends. The chances are high that your neighbor sitting across is excited to meet you and make friends as much as you.

As we get older, our friends begin to have a more significant impact on our health and well-being, even more so than family, according to a new study. Researchers led by William Chopik, an assistant professor of psychology at Michigan State University, reviewed two surveys of approximately 280,000 people. They were questioned about relationships, happiness, and health.

In a study of 271,053 adults, valuing friendships was related to better functioning, particularly among older adults, whereas assessing familial relationships exerted a static influence on health and well-being across the lifespan.

Chopick added to the benefits of friendships for older adults: "As we age, we prune away at some of the friendships that are more superficial and acquaintance-like" and are left "with the ones that are deeper and make us happy." The study reports that older participants identified only their friendships as reliably strong predictors of how happy and healthy they felt.


Safety Features

Safety is an essential feature of an ideal community for seniors. Regardless of whether the facility offers independent or assisted living, senior safety is paramount. Some of the underlying security features an exceptional senior living community have included:

  • Strong entrances and exits
  • Smoke detectors everywhere
  • CCTV cameras
  • Handrails in the hallways
  • Emergency push buttons
  • Well lit corridors and rooms


A community with good security features is an excellent choice for your loved one to feel comfortable and secure. You will enjoy peace of mind with your loved one is in safe hands.

Important tip for a phone interview during the in-person tour: Ask if the center is equipped with fall prevention devices, smoke detectors in private rooms, locks and monitors.


On-Site Health Resources

Senior citizens often need medical care at some point when at a senior living community. It might be a condition requiring particular attention or acute care at some point. So, a reputable community should be prepared to handle incidents like these. It should have on-site health and medical options.

Great senior living communities offer an extensive range of health services including 24-hour on-site care. This is for a variety of services including dental care, lab services, plus pharmacy options. This kind of community offers residents access to a diverse and comprehensive range of healthcare needs.

Quality healthcare resources are imperative to your overall health and wellness. Find out if the community offers on-site medical care, and if so, how frequently nurses and physicians will attend to your healthcare needs. If you require a higher level of care at a future time, is there on-site nursing care or the option to transition to a setting better equipped to care for advancing medical issues?

Quality centers can accommodate your changing health care needs to “meet you where you’re at,” and adapt to ever-changing needs that every older adult experiences throughout their lifespans.


Finding The Right Community For Your Loved One

When embarking on a search for a great living community, the above criteria will give you a head start. If you need more information on what to emphasize on when looking for a community right for your loved one, check out this article 5 Signs of a Bad Senior Living Community.

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