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5 Activities For People With Mobility Problems

Posted by Joe Gilmore on Apr 24, 2019 11:00:00 AM

Statistics tell us that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 6 men aged over 65 will struggle with mobility problems within the next two decades. Over 20% of women and over 16% of men currently suffer from some disability and the figures increase with age. If you currently struggle with your mobility but are still managing to be independent, or you have some level of home care or home help, it is extremely important to maintain your health so you can remain at least partially independent.


But just because you have some challenges with mobility doesn't mean you can't have the best possible quality of life that you deserve.


To help you maintain vitality and health, take a look at these five activities for people with mobility problems:



Keep Your Brain Active

A man working on a puzzle. Puzzles are a great acitivity for people with mobility problems.

Sometimes it can be easy to wholly focus on the physical aspects of health, and our brain health can take a back seat. This can be detrimental to your brain health, which requires exercise and stimulation just like the rest of your body. Make sure you keep your brain sharp as you get older with crossword puzzles, brain training, and math puzzles to keep it the strongest muscle in your body. Or simply read the newspaper, periodicals, or books and discuss what you have read with other people. Maybe even join a book club in your area.



Get Out in the Fresh Air

Walking might not be something you can do easily or in the same way as an able-bodied person, but even getting outdoors with a walking aid or in a wheelchair is really good for your physical and mental health. Thirty minutes outdoors, especially surrounded by nature, can be a real mood-booster and help you feel a sense of achievement and perspective during the rest of the day.




A woman swimming laps in the pool. Swimming is a great activity for people with mobility problems.

Swimming is an excellent activity if you have limited mobility because it takes the pressure off your joints and body. The resistance of moving in water works all your muscles, even if you are unable to swim. Most swimming pools will have hoists and other equipment available to help you get into the water safely. Mobility aids are also available for use in the water and help from a care assistant will ensure you enjoy some time completing this low-impact activity.




Gardening is an excellent activity for those with mobility restrictions. Potting plants, trimming bushes, or simply being in the garden helps you to get some fresh air and concentrate on something physical. Gardening can even be done if you are wheelchair-bound, especially if you have access to raised flower or vegetable beds. Growing your own vegetables or fruit in a small raised bed can provide exercise and a real sense of purpose



Enjoy Crafts

A station for making crafts. Making crafts is a great activity for people with mobility problems.

Making craft items is an excellent activity if you have limited mobility because they require manual dexterity which works different muscle groups to other types of activity and keeps your brain in good shape. There is always a good reason to make crafts even if it is something relatively simple such as a birthday card.



Seek Help To Stay Active With Mobility Problems

Help in the home from a home care provider can ensure you maintain as much of your independence as possible by taking part in some of the activities mentioned above. A professional carer who comes to your home can also help you with physiotherapy and with being as mobile as possible through support and suggestions for mobility aids. Your home care assistant can also help you to get out and about, and take you to activities that can help you maintain your health both physically and mentally. Mobility problems have to limit your quality of life.



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